A brief portfolio of Dorna Group Co.

Industrial Dorna foundation of the company starts And as the country's poultry slaughterhouse and now have 2 separate slaughter line capacity 2000 and 6000 and the practical capacity of 4,000 and 8,000 pieces per hour . Poultry slaughter, which can shift in an annual minimum of eighteen million pieces of chicken slaughter, processing and packaging of the . Our company is the first that got the standard license for slaughterhouse industry in Iran about 30 years ago. We established our first semiautomatic slaughterhouse with capacity of 4000 bird/hr and the second full automation slaughterhouse with 6000 bird/hr capacity, overall 10000 bird/hr. Dorna Group have long term experience in breeding broiler and parent stock farm and we have our broiler farm with capacity of 300000 and parent farm with 185000 capacity. Our freezing and storage system contain of 15 freezing tunnels with capacity of 400 Mton/24hr at -45ْ Celsius and freeze storage house with capacity of 20000 Mton at the same time at -18ْ Celsius. it is the biggest and most modern in our country or even Middle East. .

Dorna has developed a wide range of processing product and packaging like processing of chicken feet and paws,10 Mton/day for exporting to china and packaging white and red meat as well, in large volume. .

Dorna Group trading sector in the name of Dorna Trade is so brilliant that our partner always admire us as a fair partner. .

At present time we have an outstanding cooperation with Koudijs Feed Company in Netherland for almost 8 years importing concentrate in large volume for consuming in poultry and cows and also we are importing considerable amount of red meat from Brazilian for years and also many raw materials from other country. .

The team of Dorna Group with over 800 employees (included our distributer all around our country) that they carry out all wishes of the most exacting client. A large factory for manufacture cardboard boxes in the name of Dorna Carton with the most modern industry machines and production experts that can supply all Dorna needs and also provided a large volume for other packaging around the country. Importing fertilized Turkey’s eggs from Canada and fertilized chicken eggs from other country. Also a Danish made factory for processing the waste material is one of our remarkable factories in Dorna Group Company. .

Company Shahrooz Delijan :

The company has 4 hens packed hall, Evanescence and offal of poultry, red meat and chicken feet, 4 and 9 of the freezing tunnel thirteen thousand tons of storage capacity, the type of construction, technical knowledge, technology and machinery for the such that .

In the last years, especially in the poultry exports to China and Vietnam, and in this regard requires cooperation of the relevant government bodies will be respected .

Cooling system of the European factories that make cooling method uses ammonia gas .

The company has exported code is IR1005B .